In these interviews, teachers discuss their personal conceptualizations of CBI, in response to the questions listed below. As you watch, reflect on how their views align with or diverge from your own.  The interviews were shot and edited by Mark Basse.

      • What is your name? Where are you from?
      • What is your language teaching experience?
      • Could you tell me about the course you’re teaching this summer?
      • Could you tell me about your students?
      • How did you learn about CBI?
      • What does CBI mean to you? How do you conceptualize CBI in your work here at the Institute?
      • What principles guide your enactment of CBI?


Claire Eagle / French SILP / Summer 2018 (Video, 7:17)


Vita Kogan / Russian SILP / Summer 2018 (Video, 9:42)


Gabriel Guillén / Spanish SILP / Summer 2018 (Video, 15:25)

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