If you are intending to reach the companion site to Moving Beyond the Grammatical Syllabus: Practical Strategies for Content-Based Curriculum Design, please click here.

At the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, we are deeply interested in content-based instruction, known also as CBI.  Many of our language courses are content-based, meaning they involve both linguistic and subject-area learning goals. When determining which content to teach, our instructors draw on the Institute’s internationally focused fields of study (e.g., international education management, non-proliferation, international environmental policy), as well as on students’ backgrounds and interests.

This site was designed to add to the few available resources for those who are interested in implementing CBI, particularly in contexts apart from immersion and ESL. It is meant to be used by language teachers, language teacher educators, and language program administrators alike. Currently, the site includes interviews and classroom videos from instructors in our Summer Intensive Language Program (SILP). These artifacts are intended to serve as texts to be analyzed, stimulating discussions about effective content-based teaching strategies. The site can be used in methods courses, professional learning groups, or for self-study purposes.

In the future, we hope to elaborate this site into a community of practice around CBI, including space for discussion and artifacts from teachers across the globe.

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